VH-ZMM                    Miles M.38 Messenger 2A                         (c/n  6372)


                                       This Messenger was built as G-AJVL in 1947.   It was sold in 1950 to Australia becoming
                                       VH-BJM.    It was stuck off the register in October 1963 following the DCA policy of banning
                                       Certificates of Airworthiness on wood bonded aircraft.  (i.e. those built of wood and glue). 
                                       It then languished more or less complete until rebuilt and restored in 1993 whereupon it became
                                       VH-BJH (-BJM had already been reused by that time).   It was acquired in October 1997 by
                                       by Michael Apps and reregistered VH-ZMM.     It was sold in 2004 to David Cowie in New
                                       Zealand and reregistered ZK-CMM.           It is now operated by NZ Warbirds at Auckland-
                                       Ardmore.    I do not have photos of it as either  VH-BJM or -BJH   The above shot was taken
                                       by Lindsay Nothrop at Nowra, NSW in 1998.