VH-WVL  Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche C                                   (c/n  30-1986)


                                   Imported in February 1970, this Twin Comanche was built by Pipers as N8828Y.    Danny Tanner
                                   saw it at Cootamundra, NSW in July 1988, above.  .Somewhere I have it as having appeared at the
                                   2011 Oshkosh, Wisconsin Air Show.  There must be a story there, but I do not have details.  To com-
                                   pound my confusion,  -WVL was off the register for a while in 1977-78 during which time the rego
                                   was used on a Grob G102 which then became VH-IZL.   Anyway, it appears to have been restored
                                   to the Australian register in 1979, again as -WVL.  .   It is currently registered in NSW, although Ian
                                   Mcdonell's shot below was at Gympie in August 2016.