VH-WVB  Cessna 172B Skyhawk                                (c/n  48243)

                                            The 'B' Model 172 was the first to be officially named the ;Skyhawk', although the c/ns did not
                                            have the 172 prefix (despite what CASA and other governing aeronautical boards around the
                                            world state).  This one was imported in April 1961 for W & V Bauert of Forbes, NSW, hence
                                            the rego. However, it spent most of its life in WA, and the Geoff Goodall collection photo above
                                            was, in fact, taken ten years on at Perth's Jandakot Airport in October 1971.    It was owned by
                                            Hicks Aviation at the time, and was taking part in the annual Weekend News Air Trial.  In the image
                                            below, also via Geoff, it had had a nice new paint scheme and was at the same venue in July 1975.
                                            -WVB still soldiers on and is today privately owned out of remote Marble Bar, WA