VH-WRW   DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10            (c/n   C1/0373)


                                No indication that this is what it says it is, except that this image came from Geoff Goodall whose
                                provenances are without question!    This Chippie had a couple of serious crashes after being civil-
                                ianized, ex WG314 from 394 MU at Heany, Southerm Rhodesia.  It went to the Royal Aero Club
                                of WA as VH-RWR.   In the first accident it forced landed on the soft surface of Lake Ballard, near
                                Kalgoorlie on 16 October 1959 while being flown in a women pilots' air trial.   Another forced land-
                                ing was made on 8 November 1964 some 18 miles south of Narloo, WA, following a throttle failure.
                                The pilot and passenger were uninjured, although had to hike three miles out to the nearest road.
                                The remains survived as a children';s plaything at a school in Rockingham, WA for at lewast a decade
                                after that.  .  Geoff' s image above was taken in September 1971 byu whiuch time the poor old thing
                                was derelict.