VH-WRB  Auster J/1 Autocrat                                       (c/n  1876)


                                      From Barrie Colledge comes the nice shot above of Illawarra Flying Club Aiglet VH-WRB, built
                                      in 1946 as G-AGVR.    This shot was taken at Bankstown in 1956.  I personally liked the maroon
                                      and white with the tail-striped motif myself, but, of course, by 1960 it was deemed infra dig if one
                                      did not paint one's aircraft up to look as much as possible like a Wichita Spam Can.   Ergo we see
                                      the "new and improved" Illawarra livery in the photo below by David Daw at Bankstown in May
                                      1960.  -WRB  is still on the current register, modified now as a J1/A1 .  Phil Vabre took the shot
                                      at the foot of the page at the 2003 Auster Rally at Cootamundra, NSW.  Nice to see it in authentic
                                      1940s Auster livery.