VH-WPC   Cessna 182E Skylane                                (c/n  18254342)


                                          After being registered VH-KOO for a month, VH-WPC was registered in March 1966.
                                          In the mid 1970s it was with Whitney Pastoral Company at Carcoar, NSW.  The Skylane
                                          was looked after splendidly for when David Carter photographed it at Bankstown in 1984
                                          it was still wearing an original factory finish that was in excellent condition despite the passing
                                          of 18 years   . On March 14, 1985 that finish copped a battering when a pilot, landing at
                                          Bankstown, failed to recover from a bouncing arrival and damaged the undercarriage and
                                          firewall.       It was repaired and later, in September 2004,  reregistered VH-DLK. Still
                                          current in January 2017, it was based at Gilgandra, NSW.

                                          NOTE:  David Carter points out that at some point in time CASA changed this aircraft type
                                          to a Cessna 182F. . However c/n 54342 was registered as a 182E in 1966, was still a 182E
                                          in the 1976 register, an Australian aircraft with a later construction number is, according to
                                          CASA, a 182E and the published list of Cessna 182 construction numbers shows it among
                                          the 182Es.   The "F: had very minor changes to the "E", so it's probably academic.  Interesting,