VH-WOW  (2)  Cessna 180                     (c/n  50966)


                                    This Cessna 180 came fourth overall in the 1964 R.M.Ansett Air Race.  Richard J. Maclean took
                                    this shot at Parafield after the race.  I am not sure how the slogan "Fly Western Air" jived with the
                                    steer's head?   This 180 was originally imported by Cessna dealer Rex Aviation in May of 1961 as
                                    VH-RDB, and was re-registered VH-WOW some 2 months later.   After nine or so Australian
                                    owners in the years from 1961-93 it was exported to New Zealand as ZK-PKM in July of 1993.
                                    It is still current, and registered to Sunrise Balloon Adventures of Queenstown.    Bob Neate's
                                    photo (below) was taken slightly earlier than Richard's and shows -WOW at Narromine in 1963.