VH-WOG  (2)   DHC-2 Beaver 1                                    (c/n 1561)


                                     There must have been a reason why Airland Improvements Pty Ltd chose this rego. (They
                                     previously had a Tiger Moth with the same identity). I suspect that, were it in the U.K.,
                                     (especially today) it would be considered a "politically incorrect" allotment!   Geoff Goodall
                                     shot this image at home base Cootamundra. NSW in September, 1965.    After stints with
                                     different owners in Tasmania, Northern Territory and Kununurra, NSW it was sold in the
                                     USA in 2001 as N665DE, winding up very near to where I now reside at High Point, NC.
                                     It was evidently, and unfortunately, badly damaged in a hangar fire there in June 2006.  Its
                                     current status is unknown.