VH-WLP  Beech 36 Bonanza                                   (c/n E-25)


                                 Here's an interesting shot from Ian Mackenzie showing the 250th Beech aircraft delivered in Australia.
                                 I wonder if that included the pre-war examples as well?    This photo was taken at Moorabbin on 29
                                 March 1969, and, as can be seen, the straight tailed Bonanza was really squashed in.    .-WLP was
                                 first registered on 1st August 1968 to Civil Flying Services Pty Ltd, Moorabbin.    It was operated by
                                 Flinders Island Airlines, Moorabbin and then several other owners,   It crashed some 12 km west of
                                 Gamboola Station, Qld  on 15 July 1976 whilst on a dead-heading ferry flight from Mareeba to Dunbar,
                                 Qld to pick up charter passengers.    The pilot, who was killed in the accident, had radioed a "mayday"
                                 alert indicating engine failure.