VH-WJD    Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche B                           (c/n  30-1155)


                                      Here's a Twin Comanche for which I have many contemporary shots in addition to Greg Banfield's
                                      photograph (above) taken at Hoxton Park Airport, NSW (now sold for a housing development) on
                                      17 February 1987.  Ex N8044Y, and first registered in Australia in December 1967, -WJD has had
                                      variety of owners over the years.  In the shot above it was working for Clark Film Services.  Martyn
                                      Covey saw it ( immediately below) at Mildura a decade later in April 1996 at a PA-30 Fly-In.
                                      Follow ing that are two shots by Ian McDonell.  In the upper one it was seen in a derelict state at
                                      Cessnock, NSW in 2008, while at the foot of the page is a recent photo taken at Mudgee, NSW
                                      in January 2011 wherein it has been nicely restored in a smart grey and maroon finish.