VH-WJA  Transavia PL12 Airtruk                             (c/n  931)


                                         This Mike Madden shot of VH-WJA was taken at Morwell, Victoria  in February 1973.  The
                                         aircraft was in the service of Alpine Aviation based at Benambra who operated throughout the
                                         Gippsland region of Victoria.  Interesting that the Benambra phone number at the time was 24.
                                         (It probably doesn't have a great many more today, albeit they'd now be buried in with the 03
                                         numbers).   VH-WJA was registered new to Alpine on 7 January 1970, and stayed with them
                                         until it was wrecked in a crash at Mertung Victoria on  17 August 1974.