VH-WGL  Phoenix Dart Kitten                 


                                     This Dart Kitten was present at an Ultra-Light Aircraft Association Rally at at Kennet's Dairy,
                                     between Orchard Hills and Luddenham in Western Sydney, circa 1971.  It was made in the
                                     U.K. and had a two-cylinder JAP engine.   This image is from the Jim Sweeney collection.
                                     I have no other details on this ultra light, and have no clue on what the the tail inscription
                                     "Phoenix Dart" represents.  Today, of course, this machine would be on the RAAus register.
                                     Originally registered in November 1960, it was owned by Mr. Albert Pascoe Bagless of PNG.
                                     It was struck off the register in 1984.  .