VH-WEM  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                        (c/n  DHA1005)


                                    When in 1961 the Royal Victorian Aero Club sold off their Tiger VH-RVJ, it went to the Ballarat
                                    Aero Club and became VH-WEM.    It continued to fly with Royal Vic tail stripes.  In fact, there
                                    was a close relationship between the two clubs.  It was acquired by Les Penna of Bendigo in 1966
                                    and wound up after a rebuild, a painting in training yellow all over, and wearing its old RAAF identity
                                    of A17-570, as part of the Flying Fighters Museum at Archerfield, Brisbane.   In 2001 the owner of
                                    that enterprise, Mr. Steven Hart had certain assets (VH-WEM among them) confiscated by the Aust-
                                    ralian Federal Police during an investigation concerning alleged tax evasion.   In the meantime it would
                                    appear that VH-WEM along with other "warbirds" are currently sitting in a hangar at Archerfield,
                                    although whether Mr. Hart will retain ownership of them is not clear at this point in time (mid 2007).
                                    The three images on this page are via (top) the Geoff Goodall collection, taken at Ballarat in February
                                    1965; (immediately below) from the Barry Maclean collection at Moorabbin in 1961 just prior to its
                                    departure to Ballarat and (foot of page) by Scott Williamson at Archerfield following its restoration.
                                    Scott advises that the aircraft have not had so much as a prop pull through since they have been idled.
                                    VH-WEM will no doubt require another complete overhaul when the collection is eventually sold off
                                    (if it ever is).