VH-WCR  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                           (c/n  C1/0129)


                                    Despite its red and white livery, this Chipmunk did not see service with the Royal Aero Club of
                                    Western Australia.  It was, in fact, a former Royal Newcastle Aero Club machine, being imported
                                    as VH-RNV, (it was the RAF's WB681).  From Newcastle it went to the South Coast Aero Club
                                    at Wollongong and became VH-BAY.   Several owners later, and in 1966, it became VH-WCR.
                                    The two b&w shots are from the Geoff Goodall collection, and show it: (above) at Beverly, WA in
                                    November of 1970 and (below) eight years later at Jandakot with a then badly faded paint job and
                                    Swan Wool Auctions titles.   Danny Tanner's color shot at the foot of the page was at Ballarat
                                    in 1985.     Non-flying as of early 2017, and owned by David Wearne of Echuca, it is slated to be
                                   completely restored.