VH-WAU  Victa Airtourer 100                                 (c/n   7)

                                       VH-WAU was owned by the Wangaratta Aero Club.  Bob Neate's shot above was taken at that
                                       venue in January 1964 while Geoff Goodall's photograph (immediately below) was taken at roughly
                                       the same time, albeit at Albury, NSW.     This early Airtourer had come off the production line in
                                       October of 1962 as VH-DDN.    Shortly afterward, in January of 1963 it became VH-WAU and
                                       has remained that way till the present day.  It was converted sometime later to series 150 standard,
                                      and Phil Vabre took a contemporary photograph of it (below) at Bendigo in January of 2006
                                      Nice to see it in authentic Victa livery.