VH-UWB  CAC CA-18 Mustang                                  (c/n 1438)


                                     Three views of -UWB in various stages of conversion (in reverse order).  Above, at Moorabbin
                                     in March of 1958 with tail mounted rego as befitted the trend of the day.   Immediately below and
                                     two weeks prior, having just been assigned its civilian registration.  At the foot of the page is a photo
                                     of it outside the hangar in January 1958 still as A68-113, albeit sans roundel.    VH-UWB was
                                     subsequently purchased (some years after these shots were taken) by British racing-car driver
                                     Ron Flockhart as a replacement for VH-BVM, and allocated the UK registration G-ARUK.  In
                                     the event it crashed in the Dandenong Ranges (east of Melbourne) on 12 April 1962 whilst on a
                                     test flight. Sadly, Flockhart was killed.  In the photo at the foot of the page from the Geoff Goodall
                                     collection, Ron is sen at Moorabbin on the morning of his fateful departure in front of his Mustang,
                                     now registered G-ARUK.