VH-UTZ    Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100                              (c/n  19)


                                      Two FH-1100s were imported into Australia.  One was VH-UTB and the other was -UTZ.
                                      Above and immediately below are two views by Greg Banfield of the latter, both at Mascot..
                                      The upper one shows it on skids in April 1969; and the lower on pontoons, in May of that year. 
                                      -UTZ was exported on 15 February 1973 to Fiji to become DQ-FBZ although was restored 
                                      back to its original registration on 7 March 1976.   A very nice shot of it in its Fiji rego is seen
                                      at the bottom of the page taken by David Carter at Mascot in 1975.  It was damaged at Hoxton
                                      Park on 10 February 1977 and was struck off the Register on 16 December 1977.
                                      The Hiller Model 1100 was a civilian development of  US Army's LOH (Light Observation Heli-
                                      copter) specification which, in the event, was won by Hughes.   .Hiller, though, rather than write
                                      the project off, decided to go ahead and produce their design commercially.  Production of some
                                      250 machines got under way in in June 1966.   Power was supplied by an Allison 250-C18 turbo-
                                      shaft engine.  VH-UTB and -Z were early production models.