VH-UTX    Bell 47G-3B-1                                           (c/n  6510)

                                       VH-UTX was  registered in March 1966 to Helicopter Utilities, of Sydney, a major helicopter
                                       operator that also flew under the Airfast name, especially overseas.  When David Carter photo-
                                       graphed it as Mascot in 1969 it was in the company’s all yellow livery and marked Helicopter
                                       Utilities.         In July 1974 it was moved to the PNG register as P2-UTX with Airfast at Port
                                       Moresby before returning to Australia in September 1981.          –UTX was damaged beyond
                                       repair near Well Tree Station, Northern Territory, when a sudden loss of engine power during
                                       a scenic flight forced it down in a swamp.    The pilot and two passengers survived.      It is
                                       believed the Bell was normally used for cattle mustering.

                                       Note:  From October 2001 to June 2005 there was another Bell 47G registered VH-UTX,
                                       a 1970 built 47G-5A with c/n 25152 . It was a former Royal Malaysian Air Force machine
                                       and later became VH-CKN.