VH-UTG     Bell 47G-3B-1                                        (c/n  2803)

<>                                          VH-UTG was registered to Helicopter Utilities in February 1963 and immediately sent to PNG
                                          to work with the Australian Army Survey Corps on mapping that country.    David Carter photo-
                                          graphed it at Mascot in 1970 but it returned to PNG, where it became P2-UTG in February 1975
                                          on that country’s independence.   The registered owner was Airfast Services, which was a division
                                          of  Helicopter Utilities. The Bell was lost when it crashed near Rabaul on August 8, 1976.     There
                                          was a second Bell 47G VH-UTG, c/n 20105, registered in 2001   . It later went to New Zealand.