VH-UQF  Morane Saulnier MS-894A Rallye Minerva               (c/n  11060)


                                     The MS-880 Rallye, the first of a family of light Morane Saulnier aircraft was first flown in June
                                     1959.  The machines were all-metal, fully aerobatic cabin monoplanes with very rugged cons-
                                     truction, despite their large bubble canopy.      A number of models were marketed, and the
                                     MS-894A seen above was powered by a 220 h.p. Franklin 6A350-C1 engine, which pushed
                                     it along at a respectable 155 mph cruise.   A dealership in Perth, WA,  Southern Aeronautics
                                     imported a batch of them in 1969. So far as I known, only two were MS-849A Rallye Minervas.
                                     Geoff Goodall saw this one at Jandakot Airport, Perth in October 1969 soon after the aircraft had
                                     been issued its Australian C of A.