VH-UNL  Beagle B.206 Series 2                        (c/n  B.047)


                                  This was the former G-ATZR.  David Carter saw it as such (bottom of page) at Sydney Airport
                                  in 1968.   The top and image, and also # 3 are by the late and great  Greg Banfield   The color
                                  photo immediately below is by John Wheatley, taken in 1968 soon after it was registered in Oz.
                             .   .Greg's upper image was at Orange, NSW in February of 1974, and the lower one was at Mascot
                                  a year and a half later (July 1975).   VH-UNL was retired in 2004 and was donated to the
                                  Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra.      For a complete (and exhaustive) history of this
                                  aeroplane, visit the QAM's page at: