VH-UNG  Cessna 180A                              (c/n     34287)


                                        This Ian McDonell shot was taken at Maitland, NSW in 2009.  This 182A was one of the first of
                                        its breed to be imported into Australia having been first registered in July 1957 as VH-MGE to
<>                                        Merra Developments of Sydney trading as Airmar Pty Ltd.     It was traded on a new 182E, and
                                        reregistered into the Rex VH-R blocks as VH-RBN in March 1962.     Three months later it was
                                        sold to Helicopter Utilities Pty Ltd, Sydney, and rereg VH-UTF in October 1962.    When Helicopter
                                        Utilities expended its overseas chopper operations and merged with Airfast Charter Pty Ltd, this 182
                                        was reregistered VH-UNG in November 1966 into the new VH-UN series then in use by Airfast.