VH-UND  Helio H.295 Super Courier            (c/n  1210)


                                            Airfast was an associate company of Helicopter Utilities who acquired two Helios in the mid
                                            1960s to augment/support their fleet of helicopters.  They were used mainly in New Guinea
                                            where their STOL qualities stood them in good stead..    Although the two machines (-UNF
                                            was the other) had consecutive ex-US identities (N6315V and N6316V respectively) they had
                                            widely separate c/ns and .probably came from Indonesia.  VH-UND was sold in the US in 1970
                                            as N295LA and is still current, based in Oregon..   The above photo was taken by John Hopton
                                            at Mascot in April 1966, whilst the lower shot, by Greg Banfield, shows it at the same venue just
                                            prior to its receiving its Australian registration and Helicopter Utilities titling.