VH-UNB (2)  Piper PA-23 Aztec                           (c/n  27-490)


                                         This Aztec has a "short-nosed" serial number, but it looks like a Model "B"   It was originally
                                         registered VH-FWH in September 1961 to James Air Charters of Bankstown.   Back in 1964
                                         Doug Fawcett fitted a long nose Aztec kit to his Illawarra Flying School Apache VH-IAK so
                                         it is possible that he might have brought in two kits and converted -FWH also since James Air
                                         Charter were only a few hangars away at Bankstown.   DCA were so touchy about modifications
                                         that he would have gone through a paperwork war to get approval to modify - IAK, so Doug
                                         might have offered it around to other short-nose Aztec owners.   In 1965 -FWH was sold to Airfast
                                         Charter Pty Ltd and re-registered VH-UNB.  Geoff Goodall's shot (above) was taken at Archer-
                                         field in September 1968.