VH-UNA  Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B                  (c/n 27-2286)


                                         This Aztec was first registered in May 1963 as VH-CMH for Hazelton Air Services of Cudal,
                                         NSW with a registration including Max Hazelton's initials.   It was sold in March 1964 to United
                                         Air Pty Ltd of Sydney, a new charter company operating from the Flight Facilities terminal at
                                         Sydney Airport and re-registered VH-UNA. .    Geoff Goodall took the above shot at Adelaide
                                         Airport in June 1964. .  The following year United Air was taken over when Airfast Charter Pty
                                         Ltd purchased Flight Facilities.   Airfast was an associate company of the large Helicopter Utilities
                                         Pty Ltd operation and went on to absorb HUPL in subsequent restructures of the rotary and fixed
                                         wing services.   Rowan Hughes sent me a photo of it (below) taken at Rabaul in 1967.  Personages
                                         are:  Navy Aide-de-Camp, George Hughes (Airport Manager), Lord Casey, (the Govenor General
                                         of Australia), Harry West (District Commissioner ENBP) and Laurie Crowley (of Crowley Airways).
                                         VH-UNA was struck-off  the register on 18 September 1971 when sold in Indonesia to subsidiary
                                         Airfast Services Indonesia P.T. of Makassar.    It became PK-OAR.