VH-ULH    De Bearn GY-201 Minicab                                 (c/n  N210)


                                           VH-ULH was built by Les Hughes of Orange and registered in November 1970 and
                                           registered in the Ultra Light series. The c/n N20 was part of a series managed by the
                                           Ultra Light Aircraft Association.   N was the state, NSW, and it was the 20th aircraft
                                           homebuilt in that state . David Carter saw it at Shepparton on a gloomy day in June
                                           1978 while attending an Airtourer Association fly-in.    In October 1992 –ULH was
                                           transferred to the sports aircraft register as 28-0825 and remains current in January
                                           2017.   The sports aircraft register is managed by Recreation Aviation Australia, as
                                           as governing body, and the successor to the ULAA.