VH-UEO  Stark D.31 Turbulent                       (c/n  131)

                                          The photograph above was taken at Wentworth, NSW in August 1960 by Ian Anderson, seen
                                          here via The Collection p1820-0005.  The hangar shot below is by Kevin Murphy and was at
                                          Bundaberg, Qld in 1967.   The Turbulent was originally designed (by Roger Druine, in France)
                                          as a home-built aircraft and was one of the first light aircraft approved by DCA for construction
                                          in Australia by amateur builders.       The design was further developed by Wilhelm Stark, who
                                          obtained certification for production in Germany.  It is normally powered by a Volkswagen engine.
                                          About 35 examples were built.    VH-UEO was imported from Germany by Edmund Schneider
                                          Ltd at Parafield, wooden glider specialists who had a small hangar at Parafield.   It was later sold
                                          in Queensland, and was withdrawn from use in 1973.