VH-UEN  Piper PA-22  Tri-Pacer                                 (c/n  22-6351)


                                Here's -UEN at Moorabbin in February of 1965, photographed by Geoff Goodall.  Personally I wish
                                that CASA (or DCA, as it was then) would have refrained from re-issuing VH-U series regos and left
                                them for the historic pre-1939 aircraft.  In this particular case, there really never was a true VH-UEN,
                                since G-AUEN was an Avro 504K which was burned to ashes in 1926, some five years before it would
                                have become VH-.  Anyway this VH-UEN was formerly N10F before being imported as VH-BWP in
                                1958, the first year that the lightplane market began to get swamped with American imports.  Since the
                                "F" suffixes are assigned to overseas based aircraft (Foreign), this Tri-Pacer was probably not imported
                                directly from the U.S. (maybe from New Guinea?).   VH-UEN is still current, and still in the Moorabbin