VH-UEC  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                   (c/n  DHA942)


                                     I've said it before and I'll say it again "I do wish DCA had seen fit not to re-issue the VH-U series -
                                     these markings should have been sacrosanct, and allowed to retire with the original 1921-38 era
                                     aircraft".   Anyway, this Tiger was built as A17-519 and civilianized in 1954 as VH-BWM for the
                                     Royal Aero Club of South Australia.   It was re-registered VH-UEC in October 1958 to Aviation
                                     Services (SA) of Parafield, Adelaide, who later replaced their Tigers with Chipmunks.  It is seen
                                     above at Parafield in May 1960 with Aviation Services titling in this photo from the John Hopton
                                     collection.   The VH-UE block, incidentally, was a random registration block assigned to the SA/NT
                                     Region by DCA in 1957 and almost fully allocated over the following six years to SA and Northern
                                     Territory based aircraft.   It was followed by the VH-UP block.     VH-UEC was sold in October
                                     1960 to John Henderson of Adelaide, owner of the Shandon Hotel.  It flew in a silver color scheme
                                     with blue trim and with a large 'Shandon' in red on the sides of the fuselage.  On 15 January 1962
                                     it crashed near Colac, Victoria when Henderson was forced to fly under power lines during a go-
                                     around and struck two fences and overturned.   Not mentioned in the DCA crash report, but the
                                     owner at the time said the go-around was due to children on the landing area..  In 1962 the wreck
                                     of -UEC was sighted dumped in the Aviation Services hangar at Parafield.    It was never rebuilt
                                     and Henderson replaced it with Tiger Moth VH-UEQ.