VH-UAR  Piper PA-24-250 Comanche                          (c/n  24-2784)


                                  Here's -UAR at Parafield in November 1962, a month after it was added to the register to Brisbane
                                  Piper agents Commerce International.    It was immediately leased it to the newly formed SA Piper
                                  agents United Aviation at Parafield, in front of whose hangar it is seen in this shot by Geoff Goodall.
                                  The top of tail reads "Fly United Aviation Ltd".  In 1964 it was entered into the Brisbane to Adelaide
                                  Ansett Air Race by D.A. Long of Quilpie, Qld.   Greg Banfield's shot (immediately below) was taken
                                  during the overnight stop at Bankstown on March 29, 1964.     At the foot of the page is another
                                  Goodall shot showing it at Port Hedland, WA in May 1971 in the early morning light when this airport
                                  was a hive of activity as most general aviation aircraft depart soon after first light each day to avoid the
                                  severe convective turbulence that builds up over the iron ore ranges later in the day.    The building be-
                                  hind was DCA Flight Service and Pilot Briefing/Operational Control.      VH-UAR was written off in
                                  a crash at Dongara, WA on 20 October 1971 and stricken from the register five days later.