VH-TZW   Bell 47G5                                     (c/n 7951)


                                        The locale of this Tony Arbon shot taken in 1979 is not k known, possibly Parafield.   VH-TZW
                                        was originally VH-BHH, a Broken Hill Pty Ltd chopper which came to grief some 835 miles
                                        west of  Mt. Isa, Qld on 19 May 1974.  It was restored in 1976 (as -BHH) and then went to
                                        New Zealand (probably leased) as ZK-HJZ, since it was back in Australia again in 1979, and
                                        reregistered -TZW    .  It had another prang at Hoxton Park in 1982  before being restored
                                        again as a model 47G-5A.    It is still current and registered to a property management firm in