VH-TYO   Beech E33A Bonanza                           (c/n  CE-195)

                                     Delivered to Australia as N2848B, VH-TYO was registered to Beech agent Hawker
                                     de Havilland in July 1968.     It suffered damage near Brunette Downs Station, NT, on
                                     November 11, 1976 and was removed from the register      . At the time it was based
                                     at Derby, WA.      –TYO was restored in February 1978 but a month later was with-
                                     drawn from use presumably because more work was required.  It returned to the register
                                     in May 1979.       David Carter saw –TYO parked at Eagle Farm on October 2, 1982
                                     when it was owned by Doondi Poll Hereford Stud, of St George, Qld.   . The Bonanza
                                     was still current in November 2016 and owned by Wings Dubbo.