VH-TYF    Beech A23A Musketeer Custom III                      (c/n  M-1094)

                                    Beech agents Hawker de Havilland registered VH-TYF in March 1968.    David Carter saw it at
                                    Bankstown (above) on October 14, 1970 looking brand new.   It may be that there was a long gap
                                    between being registered  and actually being assembled and flown for a buyer.   Whatever the story,
                                    –TYF was not long for Australia and was cancelled in July 1972 as sold in Fiji, where it became
                                    DQ-FBT.      It returned to Australia and was registered to Navair, Bankstown, in July 1974.
                                    –TYF was still current in November 2016 and believed based at Camden.  It has not been a straight-
                                    forward journey, however, and the aircraft was withdrawn from use from January 1985 to September
                                   1986 (corrosion was a problem with Musketeers) and having its registration being briefly revoked by
                                   authorities in 2006.