VH-TYA  Beech V36A-2 Bonanza                    (c/n D-8688)


                                        'Airexec Tours - Adelaide' reads the tiling on this Bonanza, although the registered owner was
                                        R.M. Peebles.  It was listed in CASA records as a V35A-2, although what the '-2' designates,
                                        I am not sure.     Possibly some sort of obscure DCA designation for a minor mod required for
                                        Australian certification.  Photo by Ian Mackenzie at Parafield in October 1970. Just over a year
                                        later, on 25 January 1972 the aircraft was employed on a charter to Compressor Station 13, at
                                        Leigh Creek, SA on the natural gas pipeline from the Moomba Field to Adelaide.   Upon taking
                                        off from the strip to return to Adelaide the pilot overflew the strip and then hit the guy wires of a
                                        nearby radio mast, shearing off the wing and plunging the aircraft into the ground. The pilot and
                                        three passengers were killed and VH-TYA was totally destroyed.