VH-TVP      Vickers 816 Viscount II   'John Gould'                                  (c/n  433)


                                              Nice color shot by Peter Gates showing the aircraft looking smart in later (1960s) livery.
                                              Originally, when delivered (1959) it would have been in the old style markings.  VH-TVP
                                              was sold to Far East Air transport (FAT) in 1970 becoming B-2025.      Robert Zweck's
                                              photo below shows it at darwin in April 1971 whilst en route to Taiwan for FAT.    Like
                                              many other ex-FAT  machines it was sold to Indonesian carrier Mandala Airlines as PK-RVS,
                                              and operated well into the 1990s on regular schedules..  It was, until recently, in store in Jakarta,
                                              although its final destiny is unknown.