VH-TVN   Vickers 756 Viscount   'William Dampier'                           (c/n  374)


                                      This shot was taken by Peter Gates at Mascot (Sydney) in September of 1958 .  The aircraft
                                      had been ferried out just two months previously.     The photo below is by Greg Banfield and
                                      shows -TVN at Mascot in 1964 in later "TAA - The Nation's Jetline" livery.  As the late (and
                                      Great) Gil White indicates in his history of this aircraft(at
                                      this is the only series 700 machine which was sold, all the others being scrapped at various
                                      points around Australia.  VH-TVN went to Botswana National Airways in March of 1969,
                                      becoming A2-ZEL.  It later went to Rhodesia as VP-YNI and wound up with Air Zimbabwe
                                      as Z-YNI.*     In 1984 it was donated to the Harare Airport Fire Service and presumably
                                      ended its days as an instructional airframe. 
                                  *  Pet Peeve:  Why did ICAO allow Zimbabwe to use just 'Z' as their national country markings
                                      if they had no intention of conforming to the 5 digit combination standard?   If, in fact, Zim-
                                      babwe considered that it needed the full range of 4 digit regos since its register was so large
                                      (more delusions of grandeur), then it should have been compelled to use four sequences foll-
                                      owing the 'Z'.    i.e.  Z-YNI should have been Z-AYNI., or Z-ZNYI or whatever.  Actually,
                                      Zimbabwe is not the only nation to bastardize former colonial regos.  China now does it with
                                      former Hong Kong aircraft.   A CPAL Airbus which would have been VR-HLW is now simply