VH-TVL   Vickers 756D Viscount    'James Cook'                                  (c/n  197)


                                           The above shot was taken by Chris Finney at Adelaide International Airport in the
                                           early 1960s.  VH-TVL was delivered in 1957 in the then standard livery (as seen
                                           on VH-TVH).  The above markings would have been applied somewhere around
                                           1960.   The aircraft was withdrawn from use in 1969 and was to have been preserved
                                           at the Toowoomba Aviation Museum, in Queensland.   In the event, it is lying in a
                                           sad and derelict state in an industrial yard adjacent to the Toowoomba Airfield, as
                                           the image from Grahame Higgs (below) illustrates: