VH-TVH   Vickers 756 Viscount    "George Bass"                          ( c/n 146)

                                              Following the success of the model 720s, the airline placed a  'follow-on' order with Vickers
                                              for half a dozen more Viscounts.  The first of these is seen above at Essendon in 1958.
                                          .   Three of these 756 model aircraft were equipped with wing mounted slipper tanks enabling
                                              the aircraft to operate the long stage between Perth and Adelaide over the vast expanses of
                                              the Nullabor Plain.   Greg Banfield took a shot of -TVH (below) at Mascot in 1964 when it
                                              was wearing the then standard 'TAA - The Nation's Jetline' titling.    As I did for VH-TVG,
                                              I'll reproduce a close-up of the rego so that viewers can see that is was, in fact, really VH-TVH! 
                                              The Viscount was scrapped in 1970.