VH-TVF   Vickers 720 Viscount               "Ernest Giles"                             (c/n  49)


                                         Seems like most of my Viscount shots were taken on dull/cloudy days and lack contrast!  By
                                         today's standards, and, in fact, when compared to somewhat later shots by the likes of David
                                         Carter and Geoff Goodall, are pretty horrible!      Anyway, this Viscount  was also leased to
                                         Ansett-ANA under the 'two airline policy' scheme from 1960 to1967.      Nigel Daw's color
                                         rendition below was taken at Adelaide under much better conditions.    Greg Banfield saw it
                                         (photo # 3) in full Ansett-ANA livery at Mascot in April 1963.         Upon its return to TAA
                                         from the lease it was sold to Keegan Aviation and, like VH-TVD, sold on to Flightspares
                                         Ltd who scrapped it in 1970.  The image at the foot of the page, from the Peter Gates
                                         collection, shows it at Southend, (U.K.) after its career in Australia was over.