VH-TTW  Cessna 180 Skywagon                              (c/n  32303)


VH-TTW was a second-hand import (ex N4906A) for Tumut Air Taxi Service first registered
                                           in January 1962, and fitted out as a crop duster.    However, by the time Mike Vincent took the
                                           above shot at Coonamble in October 1975 it had been converted back to a 4-seater and painted
                                           up into a very good copy of its original 1956 color scheme.  . In the shot below, by Geoff Goodall,
                                           it is seen at Northam, WA in December 1969, sans spinner, where it was then based whilst work-
                                           ing as a duster for Avon Aviation.     Avon sold it to NSW ag operation Col Pay who collected it
                                           from Northam in September 1970 and ferried it to his base at Scone, NSW.      The image at the
                                           foot of the page is by Bob Neate and was at Canberra in March 1963.    This 1956 model is still
                                           current and is today registered to a NSW company.