VH-TRN  Transavia PL12 Airtruk                                    (c/n   1)

                                      VH-TRN was the prototype of this rather unwieldy, but very successful agricultural aircraft.
                                      Designed by Luigi Pellarini in New Zealand, it was put into production by Transavia in Sydney.
                                      VH-TRN was the progenitor of some 110 built, most of which were exported.   Fittingly, this
                                      aircraft is now on display in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.  VH-TRN first flew in April
                                      1965 but was not officially added to the register until 8 June 1966.  Greg Banfield's shot (above)
                                      was taken at Bankstown in June 1965.   The image below, by Bob Neate (via the Geoff Goodall
                                      collection) was also at Bankstown in 1966 after Transavia titling had been added.    It was with-
                                      drawn from use in March 1969.