VH-TRM  Transavia PL12U Airtruk                                    (c/n   1043)   


                                     A John Wheatley photograph.   It was taken at Darwin, NT circa 1972, whilst the aircraft was
                                     still registered to the manufacturer, Transavia Corp (Pty) Ltd of Seven Hills, NSW.    Although
                                     not registered until April 1971, I will include this entry for completeness sake.     VH-TRM was
                                     was designated a PL-12U, the 'U' standing for Utility, and its multi-purpose role was envisaged
                                     as covering air ambulance, light transport and aerial survey work.  Despite this, I think that most
                                     Airtruks were used in the aggie role.   -TRM was written off in April 1979 at Schofields, NSW.