VH-TPK  Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250R Series 2                       (c/n  118)


                                  A nice (and rare) Dave Eyre shot (via Geoff Goodall) taken at Bankstown in June 1965.  The
                                  aircraft had just been rolled out from the Yeoman production line.  Although allocated the rego
                                  VH-TPK it went almost immediately to the recently formed Cropmaster (NZ) Ltd., an associate
                                  company of Southern Aviation, Gore, NZ.   A few days after this shot was taken it was packed
                                  into a crate and shipped to New Zealand to become ZK-COE.   There it was used as a demon-
                                  strator for a while and then went to work for Southern Aviation, although not for long, since it was
                                  written off when it stalled and crashed at Waikana on 4 September 1966.     The shot below by
                                  dakman is courtesy of the Wings Over New Zealand Aviation Forum, and was probably taken
                                  whilst the machine was on demo.