VH-TPC  Cessna 172B Skyhawk                              (c/n  48065)

                                       Previously VH-RHB, this early Skyhawk became VH-TPC when sold to HPC Pest Control of
                                       Perth in August 1973.    In December 1964 it was sold to Hicks Aviation in whose titling it it seen
                                       in the photo above taken by Merv Prime at Jandakot in 1967.  It is seen wearing radio station 6PR
                                       markings under the starboard wing while flying summer shark patrols off Perth beaches.     Geoff
                                       Goodall saw it four years later at Jandakot in October 1971, still with Hicks, which by then had
                                       grown into a substantial business.   Its last owner was aerial mustering operator John Roulston of
                                       Carnarvon WA.  Geoff took the shot at the foot of the page at Roulston's property, Beringarra
                                       Station, via Cue, WA having hitched a ride in it from Perth back in April 1973   On 7 April 1974
                                       the Skyhawk was written off by a crash due to engine failure on takeoff from a strip 7 miles from
                                       Glen Florrie Station WA.  .