VH-TMI (1) as N3397X   Mooney M.20C Super 21                   (c/n  1104)


                                        Well, I don't have a photo of -TMI as -TMI.  Anybody have one?  Unlikely, since it was only
                                        registered VH-TMI from 10 August 1966 to the following 14 October when it was sold by
                                        Mooney agents Winterbottom Tractors Pty Ltd of Perth to  M.W. & L.S. Blakeney of
                                        Geraldton WA.   The Blakeneys had traded in their Cherokee 235 VH-MWB on the new
                                        Mooney, and Winterbottom's managed a registration swap between the two aircraft. 
                                        A photo of it as VH-MWB can be seen under that rego.  Meanwhile the Cherokee VH-TMI
                                        was on-sold the following year.   Greg Banfield saw the Mooney (above) at Mascot in its US
                                        registration a few days after being imported on 21 July 1988.