VH-TME  Cessna 150G                             (c/n  15066049)

                                       VH-TME was the former VH-KUQ (and delivered as N3349J) re-registered when acquired by
                                       Tamair of Tamworth, NSW, where the above shot, by Greg Banfield was taken on 6 Oct 1974.
                                       Immediately below is a dusk photo (lightened up a little) by John Wheatley taken several years
                                       prior when the little trainer was brand new. It is still current and registered to Peter Raffles of
                                       Childers, Queensland,   Ian McDonell saw it at a fly-in at Archer Falls near Kilcoy, Qld on
                                       30 March 2012 (foot of the page), painted all-white except for  a black spinner and a small
                                       Aussie flag on the tail.  Might we suggest a little more color?.