VH-TLB      Lockheed L188A Electra    'John Gilbert'                         (c/n  1069)


                                        The above photograph by Greg Banfield depicts the second TAA Electra in original livery
                                        at Mascot in 1964.  Peter Hough's umage at the foot of the page shows a color rendering
                                        of it in the same livery, while Peter Gates' shot (immediately below) shows it at Eagle Farm,
                                        Brisbane just before it was sent to Melbourne for disposal.     The roof titling 'The Nation's
                                        Jetline' had already been removed.    Delivered new in 1959, it was sold to Concare Aircraft
                                        Leasing as N188LB in 1972 and then did a stint (in 1972) leased to Royal Air Leo as XW-PKB. 
                                        Returning from the Far East it was sold to TACA in 1976 (now as a windowless-wonder
                                        freighter) as YS-07C.  An image of it in that livery can be found at:
                                        It was destroyed on the ground at San Salvador in El Salvador in 1980 due to a fire in the
                                        starboard wing.   For a complete history of VH-TLB and more photographs go to Ron
                                        Cuskelly's 'The Lockheed Files' at: