VH-TJD  Boeing 727-176                                                    (c/n 19254)


                                     Here's VH-TJD departing Mascot in March 1970, whilst below is the same machine also airborne
                                     out of Sydney's International Airport on 28 August 1966.  Both shots by Greg Banfield.        In the
                                     lower photo it was was brand new at the time having been delivered that month, and named 'Gregory
'.     In August 1979 it was sold to Interedec and became N8043B.  In July 1980 it went to
                                     Occidental Petroleum Co. as N10XY,   It was hush-kitted with Pratt & Whitney JT-8D-217C/7BBF
                                     engines in 1991 and re-registered N682G.   Later it went to Marbyia Investments Ltd and was
                                     "conveniently" registered in Bermuda as VP-BAB.  It is. I believe, still current (2010) as such.