VH-TIG  de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth               (c/n   DHA466)     

                                                VH-TIG was the former VH-AMH and was one of the Australian-built Tigers for an order
                                                from the Dutch East Indies and was destined to have become PK-VVT.        In the event it
                                                was impressed into RAAF service as A17-624 following the Japanese invasion of the Dutch
                                                territory.   It was withdrawn from service in 1965 and restored as VH-TIG.   The nice shot
                                                above is from Geoff Goodall and was taken at Wodonga in September 1984. Greg Banfield's
                        ,                       action shot below was at Berwick, Victoria  on 22 February 1975.    Also at Berwick, three
                                                years earlier is the CAHS archives collection B&W image at the foot of the page.   When its
                                                crop dusting days were over it was converted back to a standard 2 seater.   I believe it is now
                                                dismantled and may be in a hangar at Goulburn, NSW.