VH-THH  Bell 47J-2A                            (c/n   3711)


                                       Registered to Trans-Australia Airlines on 31 March 1966.     It entered T.A.A. service the next
                                       day, and Daryl Mackenzie saw it at Essendon in December 1966 (above)    VH-THH was with-
                                       drawn from scheduled services two years later, in December 1968.    It was chartered by Ansett
                                       Airlines of Australia from T.A.A. for a short period in Jan-Feb 1969.    By March of 1969 it was
                                       registered to General Credits Ltd, and then had various other owners.   The Bell 47 crashed near
                                       Cadney Station, SA  on 7 March 1999.